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Jay Curtis

Jeffrey "Jay" Curtis (aka) "JAY CURTIS" or "JC" was born in Northern Utah. He lives in a small country town where JC says people still wave at their neighbor when their passing by. He writes and performs music as often as he possibly can while maintaining a full time job in the transportation industry and caring for the farm at home. During his busy schedule JC has somehow found the time to record some of his music with Darren Lewis at Miras Studios in Clearfield, Utah for several years now and really enjoys the wonderful experience it has given him. JC's love of music started at a very young age using the kitchen table as a stage and putting on a concert for his younger brothers and sisters singing songs like "Three Little Monkey's" but adding a little bit of his own style to the songs. Later as he got older and learned how to use his dad's stereo he would put on an old album and perform a live concert for the neighborhood kids using an old broom as a guitar. As a young teen JC went to work on a hay farm cutting and bailing hay. This is where he developed a real ear for country music. He fell right in love with the stories that could be, and we're told through country music. At 13 years old JC's dad and mom bought him his first acoustic guitar. His dad showed him how to play some basic chords and within a couple of hours he was playing them very clearly. He figured out quickly how to write music and how to add lyrics. At 14 he wrote his first complete song and titled it, "The Lights Are On In The County" A ballad about a gunfight between a sheriff and of course a gunfighter. He taught his siblings and his cousins the song. Then, when he thought they we're ready, he had them perform the song for all of their parents. As the years went on so did the writing. JC found himself writing about his personal experiences in life one way or another. Sometimes he would write a song about an experience one of his close friends would share with him such as "The Ride". This song was written about one of JC's good friends "JD" Barr and his experiences with chasing wild horses out in the western desert of Utah. JC says his buddy JD told his story with such excitement and enthusiasm he just knew he had to write a song about it. JC put allot of personal feelings into his writing. When JC performs for friends and neighbors, he says he likes to watch them close for there reaction to his songs. "This is where I came up with the idea for another one of my songs titled "Doin' It Right" said JC , "When I see them tapping there feet, or clapping their hands and even shedding a few tears, I know I'm doing something right." JC decided that making a life out of writing and performing for people who can relate to what ever he is singing about at that time, would be one of the most rewarding way's to live, reaching the hearts and souls of all those people who JC likes to call his friends.


A full face photo of Bill Amlin

Bill Amlin

Plays the String keyboard for the band. Bill was born and raised in southern Idaho. He started playing the keyboard because of his interest in the band and the need for a keyboard player. While in High school Bill played the violin for 2 years and played the bass for a year. He has played different instruments over a 30 year time span.

What inspires Bill? His family, his father was in a dance band when he was younger and through the years played the steel guitar, the do bro, played a flat top and the mouth harp. His mother played a bit of piano. His sisters all played instruments for a bit and all sang. As a child there was a lot of grass roots country and blue grass at his house. Both his sons play now and he felt that it would be fun to play again. 

Bill enjoys being part of the band because of the variety of sounds and harmony’s that are together. 


A full face photo of Brian Amlin


Brian Amlin

Plays the Rhythm guitar (acoustic) and occasional back up vocals. Brian was born in the Cottonwood, a suburb of Salt Lake City. He became interested in the guitar because he enjoys the sound; to him it seems almost hypnotizing. Brian learned to play back in grade school, but wasn’t into playing seriously until recently. Brian learned to play mostly on his own; he’s gotten lots of help from band mates and has improved on his skills. He’s concentrated on his guitar playing primarily in the last 6 years, mostly power cords and learned the true cords in the last year and a half.

 Brian’s grandfather is his inspiration, when he was a kid, he used to watch and listen to his grandfather play. He would tell himself that some day he would be able to play that good. Brian’s comment “Some day I will. (Miss you Grandpa.)”

Brian likes the type of music that the band plays because he enjoys the people that he plays with. Country and Southern Rock have always been his favorite kind of music. Brian’s Comments: “. It is nice to hear all the instruments and not just a bunch of garble.” 

A full face photo of Darren Lewis Darren Lewis

Darren is a very talented musician who plays an extremely important part of the band. Not only does he play the Lead guitar and the piano as well as sings back-up vocals, but he runs the bands sound system as well. Music has always been a very big part of Darren's life. He has been writing and performing music since he was a young boy in elementary school with his younger brother Tom (Tomster) Lewis. When not performing with "Jay Curtis and WesternOutlaw " Darren teaches music to those who want to learn. Chances are if you take an instrument to Darren, he can play it along with teach you how to as well. Darren's talent is endless in the world of music.

When asked who inspires him, Darren would say his beautiful wife and four children.

A full face photo of David Amlin David Amlin

Plays the Rhythm Electric guitar/distorted and does backup vocals. David was born and raised in Salt lake City area. David has always been fascinated by the sound of the electric guitar. He learned to play when he was in Junior High and continued to teach himself. David has played the guitar most of his life, but has only gotten serious about his music in the last year or so.

People that inspire him are Eric Clapton, Steve Warner, Vince Gill, Brad Paisley and his grandfather.

David enjoys playing in the band because of the versatility of the music, some fast, some slow, some soft and some hard.

  A full face photo of Karen Peterson Karen Peterson

Backup vocals - Karen has always had a tune in her head from the time she could talk. The first song she ever learned was The Rose, a favorite of her grandmothers. Any time she would visit, and especially if there were visitors, grandma would say Karen sing me my favorite song. Karen couldn’t stay away from the school talent shows. It just wasn’t possible for her to sit in the audience and watch everyone else perform; she had to be up there too. “Music is what kept me sane and on the right track through the tough years as a teen.” It has brought a lot of pleasure to perform at weddings and funerals, and to be asked by a family member of someone in the community that passed away to sing at their family members funeral, because it is what they requested before they passed away. Karen has raised her children as she drags them around from one fair to another to watch mom as she performs. Karen has written two songs in her life, one of which is called “He Calls me Lady” that can be found on the Morgan Valley Voices CD. Karen loves singing with the band, “They are great musicians and a lot of fun to perform with.”

  A full face photo of Jake Horrocks Jake Horrocks

AKA The Rattlesnake, Plays Bass Guitar part time for the band. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. His inspiration has always been his Father & Mother, who have been married for over 40 years and raised 7 children. He began playing bass notes on an acoustic guitar while playing songs with his brother JC. Shortly there after he joined both JC and their long time pal JD Barr who previously had a duet called Kickin' Back, to start a full time band wich was originally named "Jay Curtis and Western Justice" When asked about being part of the band Jake said " I love writing and performing songs with my brothers and some of my closest friends. It's a feeling that could only be explained by the experience itself ". Jake is a devoted husband and father and says the most important part of his life is his wife, Heidi and his two children, Kindra and David. His favorite artists are Chris LeDoux (God bless Chris Ledoux), Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, George Strait, Toby Keith, and Kiss (because every cowboy likes a little bit of rock 'n roll).

A full face photo of Randy Horrocks Randy Horrocks

Plays the drums for the band. He was born in West Valley City, Utah. He says the drums stood out to him. Randy’s comment: “when I would listen to a song I always mimicked the beat..”. Randy started playing around the age of 14, messing around with the drums in his dad’s band. He’s been playing off and on since 1985 but hasn’t gotten serious until 2004.

Randy’s inspiration is his mother, (Cheryl) they always had music with him in the home while growing up. Randy's family is very important to him, his wife and daughters are his driving force.

When asked what he likes best about the type of music he plays, his response was ‘that I can enjoy a great song and at the same time experience the journey with family.’

  A full face photo of William Amlin William Amlin

AKA "Will The Thrill" Plays Bass Guitar part time for the band. He was born in Mesa Arizona and is currently attending Morgan High school in northern Utah. Will's interest in playing the bass came when Jay Curtis approached him knowing there was music running through the kids veins and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. JC told Will that if he learned how to play the bass then he could be part of the band, at which time Will found that to be a fun challenge that he proudly excepted. When asked what he thinks about the music the band plays Will said, "I like the fact there is so much diversity in the music. It seems to draw attention to so many different age groups." When asked what inspired William he answered, "Well, watching Jake play the bass is not only impressive but very inspiring, especially because the bass is the first instrument I learned to play." "Not only that" William goes on to say, "But having such a huge musical back ground throughout my family from my great-grandfather, to my grandfather on to my uncles, and of course my dad really helps to drive me to want to be a part of this project.


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